Trials is our Passion

Neil and his Wife Jessica and Father Simon Price are not only the heart and soul behind X Trial, but the family. We are also the company that runs it – Moto Dynamics. We have been in the sport of Trials for well over 30 years and are heavily experienced nationally and internationally.

It is Neil’s passion for Trials and wanting to develop the sport here in Australia, that the idea of X Trial was born – if you can have indoor competitions in Europe… Then why not here in Australia!! Little did Neil know that his dreams of an arena Trial event would come into fruition 7years later when we held our first X Trial event at Baseball Park in Thornlie 2015.

Over the years as X Trial has grown, we have been able to move away from Baseball Park to Perth HBF Stadium – were you can now sit in the comfort of the stadium while watching the the top 8 Australian Trial Riders Compete for the Crown of Australian X Trial Champion.

This year, brings another exciting stage as we add on another round and take X Trial on the road and head over to Wollongong, NSW for the final round of this years series.



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